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Since starting at Chuldow Martial Arts, I can see a major improvement in my son Joshua’s concentration, behaviour, and confidence. He enjoys coming along, and I enjoy bringing him – the staff and other parents are all very friendly. It’s a great place to bring your child to help them meet other kids and learn new skills.

Andrew Hope

Chuldow Martial Arts Academies

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33 Years of Chuldow Karate and Kickboxing     Hello and welcome to Chuldow Martial Arts Black Belt Academies. We teach Karate, Kickboxing, Kick Jutsu, Weapons Training and Fitness Karate to adults and children of all ages. Thank you for choosing to visit our website and find out more about our company. If you are interested, take advantage of our free trial lessons. We look forward to seeing you very soon. Ary & Sarah Hauer, Chuldow Martial Arts Academies

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Chuldow Martial Arts Academies

Chuldow offer programmes for children and adults every age, from four to one hundred and four.

We have many families that train together, a fact that we are particularly proud of. As the phrase goes, ‘The family that plays together stays together’. Bring your family to train and you’ll see positive results all-round in a matter of weeks. Karate is a fantastic way to teach your children how to behave with honour and respect, we’ve seen so many ‘lost causes’ become responsible, caring and respectful kids, who become successful adults with values you can be proud of. It’s also a fantastic way for Adults to get in, and stay in, great shape. We can’t make you wealthy, but we can make you healthy and wise, so click the button below for your free trial. What are you waiting for?

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Since my three children and I started at Chuldow 6 months ago, all our health, fitness, and confidence have grown, as we go from strength to strength. I have lost two and a half stones in the last six months and feel fantastic.

I highly recommend Chuldow Martial Arts Academy, it has a great family feel, very warm and welcoming.


Anna Robinson

  • Chuldow Martial Arts Academies

Since starting at Chuldow a year ago, Jordan’s confidence has improved loads. Jordan has Aspergers Syndrome so struggled with social interaction and communication, but since joining Chuldow the Hospital and I have seen a very big improvement. Jordan’s like a different child, and he looks forward to coming to every lesson

Jordan Wilkinson

Jordan's Mum