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Welcome to the Website of Chuldow Martial Arts Black Belt Academies


Ary and Sarah HauerHello and welcome to Chuldow Martial Arts Black Belt Academies. We teach Karate, Kickboxing,Kick JutsuWeapons Training and Fitness Karate to adults and children of all ages.

Thank you for choosing to visit our website, and find out more about our company. If you are interested, take advantage of our free trial lessons.



Dedicated to Martial Arts Excellence

Chuldow Martial Arts Black Belt Academies are devoted to teaching Martial Arts excellence and Life Skills throughout Yorkshire, in a number of locations. Our primary Academies are located in Wakefield and Knottingley.


Training at any of our academies will make you feel safer, faster, stronger and fitter in a matter of weeks.

You can lose excess weight and build solid, lean muscle from the very first day you start training with us.

Learning how to deter bullying for you or your child, or simply come along and make new friends in a fun, family-friendly, relaxed atmosphere. You will see an amazing difference in yourself in just a few weeks.

Our Martial Arts programmes can help you lose those unwanted pounds, and more importantly those negative emotions, replacing them with a super fit, super slim, super positive new you.

If you think you need to be super fit or super talented think again – Our Martial Arts programmes are designed specifically for all people of all ages and abilities. Our highly trained and qualified, friendly professional Instructors will guide you through every step of your mental, physical and spiritual journey.

People Just Like You

Our Martial Arts Academies are populated with everyday people just like You –  such as Nurses, Tradesmen, Teachers, Housewives, Mechanics, Office Workers, Professional – and of course, Children of all ages.

You will be amazed at how quickly our Academies, through Karate and Kickboxing, change people’s lives for the better every day! We’ve been established 25 years – 25 years of improving people’s lives through Karate, Kickboxing, Weapons Training and Fitness Programmes.

What Are You Waiting For? Try Karate and Kickboxing For Yourself – For Free

If you are nervous, don’t worry. That’s completely natural and understandable – let us make it easy for You to come and sample the best way to developing that super slim, super fit, super positive new you.

Unlike all those “too good to be true stories”, we do not want any money from you now.

See for yourself how much our Academy programmes and training can change your lives – We are offering You, and Your Family, a completely free, no obligation trial at any of our Academies. We’d like to show you that our martial arts training is precisely what you need and exactly what you are looking for, so try us out for yourself, for zero cost. Bring your family – Martial Arts can bring families closer too, providing a shared interest the whole family can enjoy together.

We know some of you may have doubts, but you don’t need to worry. This isn’t one of those get-fit-quick schemes you see on the ‘Net that last just 3 weeks and often don’t improve anything. True Martial Arts is just like anything else – to get the best results, it takes commitment, dedication and hard work from you.  All of our instructors are committed to ensuring You make it work, and help you every step of the way.

Booking your free trial lessons is easy – you can call us now on 01924 386606 (Wakefield) or 01977 670008 (Knottingley) to claim your free trial, or  simply fill in your details in the contact box on the right, and click the submit button to claim your Free Trial.

We’d like to thank you for the time you spend visiting our website today, and we look forward to meeting You and your Family, in person, when you claim your free trial lessons. Book now to avoid disappointment.

Ary and Sarah Hauer, Wakefield Academy

Ary & Sarah Hauer,

Owners, Directors, and Instructors – Chuldow Martial Arts Black Belt Academies Ltd.                                                               LINK TO OUR FACEBOOK GROUP IN SECONDS


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