Junior Dragons Karate Programme – Children Aged 7-13

The Junior Dragons Karate Programme for Children Aged 7-13 at Chuldow Wakefield

Chuldow Martial Arts for Children

The Junior Dragons programme is for children aged 7-13. It is designed to give your child everything they need to thrive in life, from physical fitness and confidence, through to improved school work and respect for others.

Our classes are loved by parents, students, and their teachers because we make them fun. They encourage your children to grow into young responsible adults in a natural, progressive way.

Integrates with School and Home Life

Chuldow Martial Arts for ChildrenChuldow Martial Arts for ChildrenThe Junior Dragons programme works hand in hand with a child’s school work, providing improved self-discipline, self-confidence, concentration, mental alertness, co-operation, goal setting advice and anti-bully skills. We incorporate the SFL Life Skills Programme (Success for Life) which is recognised by teachers and their schools, and is highly encouraged. All young students in our children’s programme are required to take a specially designed form to their teachers at school once a month. This has to be signed off by the teacher before the student can be considered to be put forward for an exam to take them to their next martial arts grade. The form also needs to be signed by the parents to show that they are being well behaved and are showing respect at home!

Encouraging Excellence

Chuldow Martial Arts for ChildrenThis is one of our unique features and why we are so successful in working with children – We are not just martial arts teachers, we are educators, working to give your children a better future.  We run martial arts academies dedicated to teaching excellence, not run-of-the mill “clubs”.

Core Values

Our students are taught that the physical side of what we teach them should only ever be used in self-defence. We constantly remind them that their martial arts skills should never be used for unwarranted aggression.

Children discover useful skills and develop as young people, through Chuldow Martial Arts.

Chuldow Martial Arts for ChildrenOur students gain:

  • Confidence
  • Determination
  • Perseverance and Staying Power
  • Improved Focus
  • Goal-Setting Skills
  • Character Development
  • Social Development
  • Camaraderie
  • Respect for Self and Others
  • How to Deal With Bullies
  • Self-Defence Skills

Our aim is to progress each child through our belt grading system – every student’s goal is to achieve Black Belt, then go beyond. The Black Belt is a well-known and respected symbol of excellence in Martial Arts, as well as an important focus for the child that allows Instructors and parents to use for developing desire, determination, perseverance, and for teaching the importance of following-through in any activity rather than giving up at the first hurdle. Our students are taught never to give up at any given task. and that they can achieve anything as long as they focus their mind on the goal and work towards it.

Top-Class Martial Arts Instructors

None of the above would be possible without outstanding Instructors to guide and nurture your children. Chuldow Martial Arts employs only fully-qualified Instructors who meet our stringent requirements, and are fully DBS checked before they join our organisation, to ensure their high standards and suitability. At Chuldow we don’t settle for second best, and neither should you. We are fully accredited for Safeguarding Children and First Aid accredited.

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