Second Visit to Chuldow for Mr Owen King

Wednesday 2nd of August saw the second visit to Chuldow of Martial Arts legend Mr Owen King. Mr King has over 30 years of Martial Arts experience, holds a 4th Dan black belt and was the winner of 12 British titles, 2 European titles and 4 World titles.   IMG-20170811-WA0000

The seminar covered a great deal with Mr King sharing his experience and training methods for point and continuous fighting and everyone in attendance was left with plenty to think about when time finally ran out. 

A great evening of training with a brilliant instructor!

Chuldow Black Belt and Advanced Dan promotions July 2017

Saturday 15th July 2017, a normal Saturday for some…far from it for the four kickboxers attempting their Dan grade promotions at Chuldow HQ. Chris Grace (Normanton), Lianne Lazenby (Knottingley), Madison Virr (Knottingley) and Angela Farmer (Knottingley) were on the mats showing their skill and determination to the graduation panel. Tough enough on any day the graduation was made all the harder by the exceptionally warm weather but all were successful. Chris Grace and Lianne Lazenby were promoted to 1st Dan, Madison Virr exceeded even that tough requirement and achieved 2nd Dan whilst Angela Farmer reached the heady heights of 3rd Dan.



Not to be outdone the Karateka hit the mats on Sunday with Seth Reape (Wakefield), Katie Pollard (Wakefield), James Stafford (Knottingley), Cy Tonks (Normanton), Jocelyn Deary (Normanton), Steven Nguyen (Castleford), Katie Brierley (Morley), Nathan Willis (Morley) and Nigel Watts (Morley) all putting themselves forward for assessment and hopefully promotion. After a thorough and gruelling examination each of the 1st Dan candidates showed the requisite knowledge and skill whilst Nigel Watts pushed further showing more advanced kata and technical knowledge and finally answering the question ‘what is tougher than the walk of pain?’ – the answer would be doing the walk of pain with no one else doing it too! The tests finally over Seth Reape, Katie Pollard, James Stafford,Cy Tonks, Jocelyn Deary, Steven Nguyen, Katie Brierley and Nathan Willis were promoted to 1st Dan whilst Nigel Watts achieved 2nd Dan.


Well done everyone!

Fight Night 10

Charity fighters wanted for the Fight Night 10 – complete novices, who have not had any previous Martial Arts experience. Let’s make this one the best yet and make a lot of money for Charity!!

Fight Night 10

Well Fight Night 10 will soon be upon us Saturday 2nd September. The line up is as follows:

Fight Night 10

Women’s Karate – Low/Intermediate

Lisa Ashton VS Shelley Devonport


Men’s Karate – Low Grade

David Cockayne VS Christian Peace


Men’s Karate – Intermediate

Simon Barker-Barker VS Stuart Stead


Men’s Karate – Black Belt

Simon East VS Chris Woodhead


 Charity Fight

To be confirmed


NEW ! Kick Jutsu Men’s Heavy weight 

Jeff Moore VS Jon Colley


Men’s Kickboxing Sub 85KG – Low Grade

Stuart Stead VS Scott D’Cruze


Men’s Kickboxing – Over 85kg Low

Gary Devonport VS Ben Wood


Men’s Kickboxing – Sub 85kg BB/Adv

A J Kelly VS Ted Scarlott

Tickets will be available shortly, so don’t forget to get your ticket and watch another amazing Fight Night!!

Chuldow Championships 2017

Well what an amazing weekend….


Holding the Annual Chuldow Championships is no easy feat!  with 3 mats, 10 Acadameis, over 40 sections, over 160 students doing over 260 entries, having the juniors done by 12:30 & the adults by 4pm I think we can certainly clarify the day as a success.

It was a very smooth running day with a fantastic atmosphere & skill level to boot. Each & everyone of you who came, entered & represented your Academies can hold your heads high with Pride. No matter where you came, What position, medal or trophy, YOU were there, YOU put yourself out there & YOU did it! You helped make the day what it was.. An amazing day so thank you all.

A few special mentions go to :-

1) All the spectators, Family & Friends who not only supported on the day but support throughout our entire training, the support was fantastic & it was great to see so many people sharing the experience

2) All the CIT who helped run the day, not only that but in the help of setting up the night before & clearing everything away after. you selfishly give up your time to help these things run as good as they do & you do a brilliant job

3) Mr & Mrs Hauer who do all the “backstage” work, so much goes into these tournaments, weeks & months in advance & not a lot of people know or even realise how much work actually odes happen, but trust us…. its a lot!!!

So Thank you once again to all of you, lets keep training & make next year even bigger & better.


Junior Results 2017 League Table 2017 Senior Results 2017

Chuldow Recognised in NEST Awards

Saturday 13th May 2017 was the date of the NEST Awards for 2016. Chuldow only recently joined NEST but as always we do nothing in half measures and won the award for the ‘Best Newcomer’.


Mr and Mrs Hauer accepted the award at a gala dinner accompanied by a number of Chuldow Academy owners and in typical humble form gave credit to the whole of the Chuldow Team for the success.




The event was enjoyable from start to finish, thank you to NEST for being great hosts.

Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace Seminar 2017

May 9th, 2017 saw Chuldow Martial Arts host a seminar with a true legend of the Martial Arts, Mr Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace. It proved to be a fantastic event and once again the only thing faster than Mr Wallace’s left foot is his irrepressible wit.received_1298403890275064


Undefeated in a fifteen year career Mr Wallace earned the name Superfoot due his amazing ability with his famous left leg, once clocked in excess of 60mph. A rare talent in fighters Mr Wallace has a great ability to understand the reasons for his successes and convey that to his students. This seminar was no exception and everyone in attendance went home with a smile and a lot to think about.received_1293035477478572

Sadly this will be Mr Wallace’s last grand tour but for those who attended it was a great pleasure and honour to be a part of it.


During the event Mr Wallace took time out to present our own legend, Mrs Sarah Hauer, with the certificate for her induction into the MAI Martial Arts Hall of Fame along with MAI Editor Mr Bob Sykes. It was certainly an eventful evening!h.facebook_1494510845331

Chuldow Black Belt Graduations May 2017

A tense morning gave way to an afternoon of success as kickboxing black belt candidates from all across Chuldow came together to see if they had what it takes to achieve the coveted rank of 1st Dan. Chris Horne and Samuel Gardner of Morley, Antony Firth, Dan Brady and Tracey Rhodes-Hunter of Rothwell, Diane Withington, Anthony Withington, Charlotte Scott and Kieron Hoggart of Wakefield all took the test and pushed themselves to the limit to prove successful in achieving Black Belt 1st Dan.

Meanwhile Mr John Lane of Wakefield showed superb skill and determination, pushing the limits further and after a gruelling few hours achieved his 2nd Dan Black Belt.


Sunday of course saw the Karateka take to the mats with a difficult act to follow. Technical skill, knowledge and determination were put to the test with Shakira Withington of Wakefield, Gareth Durham of Knottingley, Lincoln Roth and Nasreen Arshad of Morley all proving their worth with a well-deserved promotion to 1st Dan. Black Belt is just the beginning of course and those with the strength of character and motivation to go further do just that. David Lazenby, Janine Lafferty and Jack Stead of Knottingley and Sandra Hardy of Wakefield are just such people and were successful in gaining promotion to 2nd Dan.


Well done everyone!