Chuldow Black Belt Graduations November 2017

Saturday November 18th, 2017 saw kickboxers from all corners of Chuldow come together to attend Graduations and of course there were those for whom the day would be in equal parts extraordinarily difficult and extremely rewarding…the Black Belt candidates.



Lauren Fellows, James Carter and Brendan Chadwick all taking the big step to 1st Dan Black Belt after a gruelling assessment and Emma Dakin of Wakefield pushing even further to achieve 2nd Dan with an awe-inspiring display of technical ability and determination.



Not to be outdone the Karateka took to the mats on the Sunday with Matthew Firth, Dan Brady, Joey Abad and Jack Gill of Rothwell joining Nikhil Kasiomayajula, Jordan Wilkinson and Khalid Mahmood of Wakefield, Sonny Clarke, Olivia Nash and Jasem Ibrahim of Knottingley and Kai Shaw-Sullivan of Normanton to be assessed for 1st Dan Black Belt. Hours of testing proved the technical standard was high with stamina tested to the limit.


There is always more though; Kacper Grala of Morley, Chris Woodhead of Bingley, Dylan England of Rothwell and Philip Stevens of Wakefield all proved this as they went beyond 1st Dan showing advanced knowledge, technique and raising the bar of both excellence and sheer willpower to achieve 2nd Dan Black Belt.


Well done to all!

Chuldow End of Year Christmas Party and Awards

Chuldow always ends a great year with a great party, we have a children’ s entertainer to start the night off , followed by our student awards for all the Chuldow Academies . Hungry …we then get started on the buffet, followed by a live DJ to get you all to the sparkling dance floor.

With near 1500 members this event is always a sell out within days of the tickets going out. We cannot reserve tickets , it must be cash on collection . 

We only ave 200 tickets available so if you want to join us for a night of fun among fellow students , friends and instructors …


party poster



Chuldow Region 1 Championship Results

Chuldow Championships Region 1

This weekend Chuldow Region 1 came together for its championships at Chuldow HQ.

We had students as young as 3 year old take to the mats in front of a few hundred crowd to perform their martial arts moves or spar against their opponents.

One category which made me smile was the 5 years old and under, there was every version of tokiyoko on display from these little guys with big smiles and prouder parents in the background.  These children are so young and to be able to step up like this in front of so many faces, with all eyes on you is amazing and inspriring.

We had entrants from Wakefield HQ, Morley, Rothwell , Royston, Thornhill and Chapel Allerton.  A big shout out to Tobais Hicking who was the only student who attended from Chapel Allerton and he did it with style taking away a first place in his section.

Friends took to the mats to compete against one another but I am glad to say Chuldow prides itself in great sportsmanship, these same friends could shake hands and share their fight experience after in a humble way. For every winner in a sparring match there is a loser. I’m very glad to say every winning fighter was gracious in their victory.

The day started with the Junior Sections,  whether a trophy was won or not each and every student was a winner. Thank you to the supportive crown of parents, careers , family and friends.

A further thanks to all the instructors, CIT and staff that gave up their Sunday to ensure the day ran smoothly, your professional representation of your academies does not go unnoticed.

So below you will find the Region 1 Championships results table and also the Academy League Table .

Brilliant representation from Chuldow Morley, I thought Team Morley were possibly going to come out top of Region 1 League for 2017 however Chuldow HQ kept hold of top place for now ….

Events photos will be added from the lovely Roth Read Photography and will also be updated within our social media pages: Chuldow Facebook Page


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Chuldow Region 1


Chuldow Academy League

Chuldow Black Belt and Advanced Dan Promotions September 2017

The Chuldow Black Belt and Advanced Dan Promotions for kickboxing and karate were held at Chuldow HQ on the 16th and 17th of September 2017 and what a great weekend it was. Starting with Kickboxing on the Saturday Kacper Grala of Morley and Tina Johnson-Hollings of Rothwell represented themselves, their Instructors and their Academies superbly and after a gruelling test of their skill and determination were both successful in achieving 1st Dan.

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The newly promoted kickboxing black belts Sept 2017

Sunday saw Cerys Gregory of Rothwell, Joshua Purcell of Rothwell and Alex Berrelha of Wakefield all achieve their 1st Dan Black Belts in Karate, each having displayed a level of skill and knowledge achieved through years of hard work.

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The newly promoted karate black belts Sept 2017

Achieving a black belt is an achievement to be proud of, it takes hard work and determination but once that goal is achieved it takes increasingly more effort, determination and strength of character to progress beyond it. Mr Martin Bell, a familiar face to many at Chuldow, exceeded that and went on to earn promotion to 4th Dan.

Congratulations to all!

Fight Night Sparta at Chuldow Martial Arts

Fight Night Sparta Chuldow Martial Arts

Saturday 2nd of September was the night of Fight Night Sparta held at Chuldow Martial Arts in Wakefield.  Nine ring fights featuring points fighting, continuous and full-contact kick-jutsu.

The action was non-stop and a lighter side was experienced with the addition of audience participation in padded Sumo suits between fights.

Special mention must be made of the heroic charity fighters. Two novices never before having been in the ring with only a few weeks training going head to head with a goal not of winning but of raising money to help others. Reece Davison raising £211 for MacMillan and Jonathon Plummer raising £350 for the Blue Lamp Foundation (who help Emergency Services personnel injured in the line of duty). This was added to by on-the-night generosity o £336.59 put into the collection buckets making the charity total £897.59! Both of these guys had obviously worked hard to get ready for the night and put on  great show with Reece taking the belt but I think everyone will agree that with that much done to help others they are both true Champions.

Now they say a picture is worth a thousand words….

21272812_10213220863172861_2296312052050701435_o 21248303_10213220866052933_6895696899454308592_o
21316368_10213220893733625_6107499967561952380_o 21273416_10213220889333515_2569435994694398003_o
21316512_10213220906813952_6255243658035362170_o 21248382_10213220907653973_6484698176660662525_o
21055238_10213220947094959_7461784607059430536_o 21248322_10213220963935380_1395708406022392478_o
21273731_10213220981495819_7599815062850982057_o 21246505_10213221003416367_2005957045887085777_o
21272752_10213221022416842_2829082891972887032_o 21273584_10213221049497519_820384439323229938_o
21248254_10213221066097934_6566691532473620396_o 21366890_10213221082818352_3580162021753912503_o
21246641_10213221112539095_3178139388658028710_o 21248259_10213221121819327_653738429600135617_o
21246209_10213220979175761_8293694899173200424_o fight night 10 poster

Fight Night at Chuldow Martial Arts is held Bi-annually, if you are a novice and interested in future charity fights held at Chuldow Martial Arts then get in touch .

Find us and upto date information on our facebook page (please like also) at Chuldow Martial Arts Facebook page










Owen King at Chuldow again !

Owen King at Chuldow again …

Wednesday 2nd of August saw the second visit to Chuldow Martial Arts of legend Mr Owen King. Owen King has over 30 years of Martial Arts experience, holds a 4th Dan black belt and was the winner of 12 British titles, 2 European titles and 4 World titles.   IMG-20170811-WA0000

The seminar covered a great deal with Owen King sharing his experience and training methods for point and continuous fighting and everyone in attendance was left with plenty to think about when time finally ran out. 

A great evening of training with a brilliant instructor. Thank you Owen King

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Also Check out Owen King here Owen King Fighter Training

Here at Chuldow we host a number of special event seminars throughout the year, this year alone we have hosted seminars with Scott Adkins, Bill Wallace, Kevin “jedi” Brewerton and Owen King.

If there is a name out there then we will get them in, special event seminars are open to non-members so please do express your interest.

Chuldow Black Belt and Advanced Dan promotions July 2017

Saturday 15th July 2017, a normal Saturday for some…far from it for the four kickboxers attempting their Dan grade promotions at Chuldow HQ. Chris Grace (Normanton), Lianne Lazenby (Knottingley), Madison Virr (Knottingley) and Angela Farmer (Knottingley) were on the mats showing their skill and determination to the graduation panel. Tough enough on any day the graduation was made all the harder by the exceptionally warm weather but all were successful. Chris Grace and Lianne Lazenby were promoted to 1st Dan, Madison Virr exceeded even that tough requirement and achieved 2nd Dan whilst Angela Farmer reached the heady heights of 3rd Dan.



Not to be outdone the Karateka hit the mats on Sunday with Seth Reape (Wakefield), Katie Pollard (Wakefield), James Stafford (Knottingley), Cy Tonks (Normanton), Jocelyn Deary (Normanton), Steven Nguyen (Castleford), Katie Brierley (Morley), Nathan Willis (Morley) and Nigel Watts (Morley) all putting themselves forward for assessment and hopefully promotion. After a thorough and gruelling examination each of the 1st Dan candidates showed the requisite knowledge and skill whilst Nigel Watts pushed further showing more advanced kata and technical knowledge and finally answering the question ‘what is tougher than the walk of pain?’ – the answer would be doing the walk of pain with no one else doing it too! The tests finally over Seth Reape, Katie Pollard, James Stafford,Cy Tonks, Jocelyn Deary, Steven Nguyen, Katie Brierley and Nathan Willis were promoted to 1st Dan whilst Nigel Watts achieved 2nd Dan.


Well done everyone!