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Chuldow Martial Arts Academies

The adult classes are extremely popular at Chuldow Martial Arts Black Belt Academies because they offer something for people of all abilities who want to improve their lives. You are now simply one step away from joining hundreds of students who have been improving the quality of their lives through the Chuldow Martial Arts teaching systems. Many of you will be living the easy life right now (a polite way of saying you sit on your backside most of the day) and want to get a grip on your level of fitness or shed some weight. The Chuldow Martial Arts Adult Classes are perfect for this, and at the same time you will pick up useful self-defence skills and make new friends.

Chuldow Martial Arts Academies

Get Fitter, Feel Better

Chuldow Martial ArtsThe programme is designed to increase muscle tone, strength and flexibility, grow your confidence, increase weight loss, give you practical self-defence skills and much much more. The classes are a great way to meet new people with similar goals to your own – getting in shape and, one day, perhaps even achieving the ultimate goal of “Black Belt”. The classes are conducted at your pace so you won’t be expected to achieve unrealistic goals or impossible feats. We teach all our students to be safe by using a common sense approach to protection. This means understanding self-defence techniques, self-defence strategy, and conflict resolution techniques. Our communities continue to suffer from crime and violence every day so some ability in self-defence is very important as one day it could save your life or the life of your family! You may have tried every diet in the book, but most of us know now that there’s no substitute for sensible eating and regular exercise. Chuldow Martial Arts success programmes have been hugely successful for the last 25 years in helping men and women to lose weight and in achieving their goals. We know how and what people like you want to achieve and we know how to do it.

Instruction That’s Second to None

Chuldow Martial Arts AcademiesThe Chuldow Martial Arts Instructors and their Assistants are all highly experienced, and are there to motivate you to reach your goals. At Chuldow Martial Arts Black Belt Academies we pride ourselves in having a fully trained, highly qualified team of Instructors. The Instructors attend regular classes themselves to keep their martial arts skills and teaching methods up to the highest standard possible and to help in teaching all of our students of any and all abilities. As well as the physical benefits you gain from the Chuldow Martial Arts programmes, there are many mental benefits such as increased calmness, better self-control, more self-confidence, positive thinking, perseverance, courage, increased motivation, increased levels of focus and the ‘Holy Grail’ of greatly reduced stress levels. Our Adult Martial Arts programme has so much more to offer than you can simply read here, so why not take the first step to improving your life right now! Book a convenient time for your completely free, no obligation trial so that you can see for yourself exactly how we’ll help you massively improve your life: Free Trial


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